Head AS Code overhaul

The future of Head AS Code

Hello, ABiMe fans! It has been quite a while since I've posted anything for Head AS Code. As part of the ABiMe franchise, and as the first entry of said franchise, it would be remiss of me to not make it the best I could. Now that I've had the experience of developing Birth ME Code, I think I'm ready to tackle this game again and make a new version. An overhauled version: a version that everyone will enjoy, with better graphics, better puzzles (or something to replace them that's equally good) and better everything, really.

Basically, I want to bring it up to par with Birth ME Code's quality.

The overhaul: what is it?

To put it simply, the overhaul will be mostly graphical in nature. I'll be ensuring the game looks good. Depending on the money I make with more sales of this title as well as Birth ME Code's sales, I'll decide on what I'll do exactly. The more money means I'll be able to commission more artwork. Perhaps more sprite parts? Perhaps more background angles? Perhaps full "escape rooms" where you click around and talk with characters in a free-form format like BMEC? Not sure exactly yet.

Other things I may do: text additions (bring it up from 96k words to 140k words like Birth ME Code!), lexicon entries (TIPS, if you play VNs a lot), multiple save files (finally no longer bound to a single one!) and much more. The only thing I doubt I will touch back will be the OST, because that is incredibly expensive and Head AS Code has lived with the current OST, which is a fine OST indeed.

One thing I'm sure of!

Anyone who purchases the game, regardless of when you do so long as you didn't purchase this version only to get the overhaul cheaper will get a key for the full game on both this website and Steam. That means anyone who buys this game at least a month before release of the overhaul will receive that for free! (Specifics pending for now.) I want to make sure everyone experiences it to the best it can be, and I also want to reward long-term fans who supported me with something I feel is worth their support.

You may have noticed I mentioned "cheaper". That's because the overhaul will be slightly more expensive. Either 20 USD or 25 USD depending on the quality I inject into the game, not sure yet. I want to bring the game up to par with Birth ME Code's quality, so it stands to reason the product will be a little more expensive - especially if I can add tons of cool things on top of what currently is "just the game"!

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One thing I'd love to see is subtle differrences in the twins' designs. So they're not exactly carbon copies of each other.