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Welcome to the walkthrough for Head AS Code. Past the release of the game, many people ended up being stuck on some of the puzzles. One of the players said they would do a walkthrough for the game's puzzles but it never came out, which is regrettable. As a result, I've decided to make one so that no one has to stay stuck. Please use it only if you really don't care to solve the puzzles yourself, though! Each puzzle will be listed down here one by one; to avoid spoiling anyone, they also give only the most basic details about their circumstances. You can search the Code for each to directly get to each section, rather than searching for the puzzle's name just in case. You know, like those old Gamefaqs walkthroughs!

Be aware the table of contents will spoil what a puzzle partially contains or is about for ease of reference. Each section will have a hint, followed by the solution itself a little further down.

Table of contents

Puzzle 1: Demo (Code: DEM1)

Puzzle 2: Book (Code: BOO1)

Puzzle 3: Levers (Code: LEV1)

Puzzle 4: Safe (Code: SAF1)

Puzzle 5: Sequence (Code: SEQ1)

Puzzle 6: Laser (Code: LAS1)

Puzzle 7: Gamble (Code: GAM1)

Puzzle 8: Words (Code: WOR1)

Puzzle 9: Final (Code: FIN1)

DEM1 - Puzzle 1: Demo

Hint: This puzzle is fairly simple, a small brain teaser to tackle the product as a freebie. There's more to it than meets the eye, but if you have an issue with this puzzle (if all you see is a number with no distinguishable feature) you would do well to go into the options of the game. Don't worry, when you continue your game, it'll go back to where you were.

Solution: The number 9 is a lure. In reality, what's important is the fact it's red, blue and purple. Purple is the addition of red and blue, so the numbers you need to enter are 3 for red and 5 for blue due to the juxtaposed sections. If playing this colorblind, the slashes are your hint; where they make an X, the two numbers blend together.

BOO1 - Puzzle 2: Book

Hint: This puzzle is fairly intricate and complicated for a first puzzle beyond the demo. Make sure you don't make any hasty or judgmental assumptions from the start. Think about what A, S and the shapes mean. Remember what your goal is, and it's not just to figure out the shapes. Because the numbers don't repeat on one line doesn't mean they can't repeat on another line, and each shape always corresponds to one single number. If the shape comes back more than once, you can make a good guess as to what that means...

Solution: You need to figure out what the four question marks are. At first you have a few shapes for which you're given a number; vertical rectangle = 4, oval = 5, trapezium = 7, upside down trapezium = 8 and horizontal rectangle = 10. A means to Add, and S means to Subtract; each equation's solution gives more of the shapes' number equivalent. Pentagon = 0, octagon = 2, diamond = 6, sharp-cornered square = 3 and lopsided diamond = 1. You've figured out numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 but 9 is missing; the circle is the final number, which 9. With all those, you can fill in the final four equations. Be mindful of the black numbers, which denote their order. The code is 5073.

LEV1 - Puzzle 3: Levers

Hint: Think about the riddle for a while. This riddle is a large metaphor about a certain kind of coding value. On the screen, there are a lot of hints as to what that value is.

Solution: The code is binary, and a statement can be seen as True (1) or False (0). Those who lie are False, and those who say the truth are True. The escaped liar goes first in the order, followed by two truth tellers, three liars, and two truth tellers for the number 01100011.

SAF1 - Puzzle 4: Safe

Hint: Be very careful about the order you use each instruction. If there's an awkward wording, remember that you can also deduce based on the number of steps you need to take, which Simon confirms as being five. It's most important to follow the order and to pay careful consideration as to what the step about West means. And remember about the order cardinal directions are put together...

Solution: ENWSWNENWSE is your starting string but you need to end with 5 directions. It's impossible for a direction to read something like "Eastnorth", so you cannot combine them together in reverse like that. North prefers grouping if possible, North and South can't be together (obviously, that's a useless step), East can group with North but doesn't group with South, West vanishes either alone or with whoever went with him and South groups with no one. Based on that, you can make: E NW S W NE NW S E, which, when you remove NW and W as West disappears, gives you E S NE S E.

SEQ1 - Puzzle 5: Sequence

Hint: This can be a long and frustrating puzzle if you don't pay attention to details. Be sure to look closely and carefully at each step in order to see the one thing that doesn't match. If nothing looks different, just stare closer; there is always something that sets one apart from the rest. It can be brute forced, but if you're at that point just look at the Solution.

Solution: The first one is all about a rotation; from left to right and down to bottom, the seventh step (second one on the second row) is the wrong rotation. The second one is about squares touching, which the fourth one on the first row doesn't have. The third one's shapes all have four segments except the fifth one on the second row. The fourth one has arrows leading outside of the screen except for the third one on the first row. The fifth one is about moon phases; an eclipse isn't one, so it's the middle one on the bottom row. The sixth one's upper and lower rows add up to the numbers in the middle: 0 isn't 8 + 6, so the fourth one on the second row. The seventh one is tricky, but one of the triangles is slightly smaller than the others: it's the second one on the bottom row. Finally, the eighth step is all about an impossible game of tic-tac-toe; the answer is the first one on the middle row as X always starts before O.

LAS1 - Puzzle 6: Laser

Hint: This puzzle can be solved two ways and one of them is much easier than the other. The paper is just there as a distraction for the player and is the harder solution. If you can't figure this one out, it'll help to load up another choice from the flowchart and try again later.

Solution: This is by far the easiest puzzle of the game if you've been paying attention to the loading screen where the symbol you need to replicate appears every time. Simply make that with the laser and you win.

GAM1 - Puzzle 7: Gamble

Hint: Don't be afraid of trial and error in this puzzle.

Solution: This puzzle is a little bit like Mastermind, though much simpler. A light will light up when you select a number that corresponds to the right one on the Dozen spot, on the Unit spot and if you select a number with the right Color. The Dozen number is 2, the Unit number is 7, and the right Color is red, so it's 27 Red.

WOR1 - Puzzle 8: Words

Hint: This puzzle should have a fairly obvious answer, but if you struggle with it you need to recall what happened in the story, and not what you are playing at the moment.

Solution: Some letters can come back multiple times so you need to look ahead for which ones won't. The words you need to spell out are "dating game", so the proper order is: Blood, Stars, Talos, Devil, Never, Angel, Great, Mafia, Dorms and There.

FIN1 - Puzzle 9: Final

Hint: Sorry, there is no hint for this puzzle. I want to extend my personal thanks for playing this game to this point, though.

Solution: If you've made it this far, surely you can put this one together. I believe in you, so please enjoy what comes afterwards!

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