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Hi! I'm playing the game at the moment, but struggling to grasp how to trigger the true ending. While I have all the locks but eight and have completed the two routes needed, upon making a new file the lock at the bottom still has no yellow key :(. I know this is something up with my terrible logic and not the game, but I figured I should ask as I'm stuck lol. Thank you so much for your time! ^^

To achieve the bottom route, you need to use a special save file that should have some mark not present on most of them. However, due to a known bug, the key doesn't appear on the bottom-most path when you're on that file, but if you access the beginning of the game, you should have a choice come up.

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I'm afraid the icon still isn't appearing on my save files, unless I'm doing something wrong :(. Would you mind if I were to send a message on Discord with some more specifics? So sorry for this bother! >.<

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Whether the icon is appearing or not, if you go to the very beginning of the game before the route split down to that lock, the choice should appear, as long as you are on the file that is marked with a "TBC". If you don't have a file with "TBC", you simply have to autofill onto a specific segment (at the exact rightmost one you've played through already) and it should work.

Thank you so much!! It is now working :) I appreciate your assistance!

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Hey Miracle Moon!

I just remembered this game after I got the messages about claiming the updated version of Head AS Code, so I finally bought Birth ME Code too!

I used to hang out in your Discord years ago, but I quit Discord because I felt I was wasting too much time there (although nowadays I went back to wasting too much time on Reddit instead anyhows...) Maybe I'll check in again some day.

In any case, I look forward to trying this game!

I hope you enjoy, thank you for your support!

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This might sound dumb but I'm completely lost about how to save or go back and redo my choices, they all remain the same and I don't know what to do. I got a dead end and now I'm stuck. Can you please help ?

Each save file is its own flowchart! The game autosaves all progress.

But how do I redo my choices ? I go back in segments but I don't get to change my choices.

Simply select a different file from the loading menu.

I did load, but nothing happens. I'm still unable to choose again.

If you enter a new file, you should be able to select your choices in the visual novel itself until you have selected all options that change TRUST values. From that point on, you will be able to select choices on the flowchart itself (this is to prevent people switching options but never seeing the event that happens after they pick an option). The help button on the flowchart explains how the flowchart works, hopefully it may be of further help!

Really love this game, I had a lot of fun playing. I was just wondering if their was a place to download the character sprites

Sadly I am not legally allowed to redistribute the assets of this game as their own separate, lone products for anything beyond promotional material, so I cannot provide them.

Ah I see, no worries. Love the game anyway, can't wait to play more! <3

Didn’t see any mention of the soundtrack here, so:


That's a good point, I'll add it to the description soon.

I see you are heavily inspired by Zero Escape games, mainly Virtue's Last Reward. Played through the demo, it's pretty good so far. Keep it up!


Thank you for your support! Zero Escape is my main inspiration but as time goes on I'd like to slowly move away from it into my own style that will be, hopefully just as interesting.

I can only wish you good luck!

I'm loving the game so far! The only problem is, the game won't let me select full screen. Every time I try, it glitches and won't let me click done to finalize the change. But besides that, the game is great.

If your screen is a bigger resolution than 1920x1080, it currently doesn't stretch to fit the screen properly. I might fix it in a future patch since I figured a way to do that, but since it'll require a good amount of recoding for other things, I might not be able to.

Really enjoyed my Time playing this

I would love to cover this on my channel Sixkilla Gaming when it releases!

I really hope theres not more demo past the first room cause I... can't solve the puzzle. Besides that its all very good!

You can join the discord server and we can help you with the puzzle :)

I have downloaded your demo game. Looks very interesting.

I can figure out how to solve the puzzle.

I have read the other comments  but I still can't figure how to solve it.

If it can help, the puzzle is an anagram. Perhaps I should add that as a mention somewhere to make it clearer.

I finally got it solved by going to an online anagram solver.

Maybe you should make the 1st puzzle in the game a little easier.
Some people might be discouraged from trying to solve it.

Just a thought 

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I will eventually update the demo with some more stuff in it, and the puzzle will most likely be slightly modified further. From testing with someone who plays a lot of puzzle games, this seemed decent difficulty to start things off.

what engine did you make this game with? btw great  main menu looking and options menu are insane!

also I played this game but I didn't even understand how should I solve the puzzle, can you give me a hint? I read your comment to someone asking the same thing and I still didn't get it.

Nevermind, I just finished the puzzle :)

don't forget to answer my question about the engine :)

I rarely see games like zero escape.....but this game is even looking better than ze!! I hope the story is good.

I'm using GameMaker 2 to make this game alongside the VNgen scripts (which you can see here:

So I like the presentation. But I can't get past the first puzzle. The hints don't really help. Is there a walkthough?

There is no walkthrough for the demo. If you still need another hint: when you figure out what is the synonym of "nothing" based upon the second hint, the solution should become clearer.

Sorry, but it doesn't. Every synonym I can think of, of nothingness based on the idea of "increment" doesn't make a word/phrase in the box. I'm trying, but it's just not making sense to me. It's just a shame if there's no answer key since  it cuts me off from the rest of the demo so soon.

Simply ask then, what does the verb "to increment" mean?

To increase or gain. 

If you're still stuck, the synonym you're looking for is a number.