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Your goal in this game is to kill me.

That's what they all heard. All nine of them heard this through their helmets. Of course, Pandora was part of the group. One of the nine. She, too, heard those words; those words she spoke in order to fool all of them.

Unfortunately, your time is not infinite.

But what is her actual goal, here? Where everyone wants to kill Pandora, she wants to kill someone else. She wants to kill the traitor. It's a meticulous plan, all leading to these six deadly hours. It would be funny if it wasn't so morbid.

Should the allotted time expire, then...

Pandora is the mastermind. This isn't about finding her; this is about finding the traitor. There are no innocents here, only criminals. And you're one of them. Welcome to My Emptiness.

You will all surrender your right to live.

The demo version is around an hour long. It contains what you can expect from the game, so feel free to try it as a preview.

The full version will contain the following:

  • Around a dozen ways to die
  • Over two dozen puzzles to solve along the way
  • Over 100,000 words of story (more than 400 pages!)
  • A "TRUST" type mechanic for character interactions
  • Autosave feature to make choices in each save matter

Game is intended for Windows only.

Please be aware this is the second entry in the Abime Series. The first entry is Head AS Code. This pair of games is designed to be played in any order you like, but the third game (hitherto unannounced) should be played last, after the both of them.

I am fair... as long as you obey the rules.

Feel free to follow on Twitter or leave a comment below. If you wish to support me further, I now have a Patreon for funding.

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Birth ME Code Demo.exe 140 MB

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