Version 1.2.1 Ending rewrite

New ending content:

  • The entire ending segment of the game has been rewritten to be more easily digestible. Your save files will be adjusted accordingly once you download this updated version. Apologies if you lose some progress but it was necessary.

This is the first of three major patches that will happen during 2021. The next patch will focus on converting the save files to a new format and allowing more than one global save file. A few other features such as control of the writing speed will also take place in that patch. That patch is scheduled for potential delivery during April 2021.

A small demo update will also follow up sometime in the future to adjust some inadequacies.

The final of those three patches will significantly upgrade the overall experience in the visual novel segments but there is no ETA on that one. It is a very large undertaking where I will be going through every segment and adding screen effects, sound effects and doing a complete proofread of the whole game, so it will definitely take a long time.

General fixes:

  • If you get the save file bug preventing the game from launching and/or causing the game to crash, open the file_0.ini located in AppData/Birth_ME_Code with notepad and remove lines containing strange symbols. Be sure to not remove anything else, only the lines containing strange symbols.
  • The game's pricing has been adjusted from 24.99 USD to 19.99 USD to keep it in line with the Head AS Code remake's pricing. The game has been out for almost a year too, so this seemed as good a time as any to make that change for future buyers.

Visual novel fixes:

  • Fixed a few typos and weaknesses in sentences within the segments that weren't otherwise modified.

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