Upcoming patches to Birth ME Code

Hello, fans of Birth ME Code!

I've decided to dedicate some time in finally updating Birth ME Code now that I'm less busy with the Head AS Code remake. Several patches will follow in the future and here is the general timeline of how I'm envisioning them. Note that I'd rather not be bound to any specific time to make them happen except for the first one, and alongside them I'll be working on Project Deforge (name pending).

  • The first patch will include a complete rewrite of the ending segments. I also plan to make it so if you go into a segment that was modified post-patch with an older save file, it will automatically direct you back to the first modified segment. It is the one named "Usurper", and anything following it will be modified for a better comprehensive understanding of the overarching plot. This patch will go live around the time at which Head AS Code will release on Steam.
  • The second patch will follow sometime later. It will update the game's base code; I intend on rebuilding the main menu almost from scratch to allow for a few additional features and make it easier for everything to function correctly. Multiple global saves and the ability to control the speed at which the text writes in visual novel segments are key features behind this patch. The idea will be to "bring it up to par" with the new level of quality Head AS Code's remake has brought to the table. This patch should follow within February 2021.
  • The third and final patch, which will take quite a while to make will be a complete sprucing up of the entire game. Once again with the idea to bring the overall quality up to Head AS Code's new standard for me, I'll be adding several screen effects and doing a solid round of proofreading to improve the readability of the game. This is also when I'll deliver the next bonus patch, which might be the final one. This patch may take several months to deliver. Apologies for the inconvenience.

It will take a while to get through these patches but please look forward to them. I want to make sure that everyone's experience is as amazing as possible while playing my games. Please excuse the time it will take, I am just one person, and I want to do it right.

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