Version 1.0.3 patch notes (full game)

Version 1.0.3 patch notes:

  • The Full Reset button on the saves interface has been modified to instead indicate Clear Data, along with small adjustments to make it much harder to unintentionally make use of it. It should be very clear now that you should only press that button if you wish to do a complete reset of every piece of data.
  • A bug in which you could reset the lock on two specific segments has been fixed, and should now only set the lock the first time you arrive to that part.
  • A few sprites with the wrong talking animation were fixed.
  • A series of events during one of the late game segments caused the game to lock up and not allow continuation with mouse clicks or spacebar. This should be fixed now, though the exact situation in which the behavior happened couldn't be replicated.
  • A small segment had its reveals reversed through the change of one line to give a better flow of information.
  • Typos and awkward wordings were fixed.

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