Version 1.2.0 patch notes

New content:

  • The second bonus segment has been added. It can be accessed from the main menu after the main story has been completed. It is in the third slot despite being called "the second bonus segment" as bonus #1 and bonus #2 will be non-canon Patreon questions & answers. While it is a relatively short segment, it should offer more context.

To access it, it is currently not required to have unlocked the special post-story segment on the flowchart, but that may change for a future bonus segment.

The next bonus segment will be released after the Head AS Code remake comes out.

General fixes:

  • Tentative fix for the save file bug preventing the game from launching and/or causing the game to crash. If it persists, open the file_0.ini located in AppData/Birth_ME_Code with notepad and remove lines containing strange symbols. Be sure to not remove anything else, only the lines containing strange symbols.
  • Fixed a variable that unlocked a bad end path by finishing the true end. To access that bad end path, you'll now have to access it properly.

Visual novel fixes:

  • Fixed a typo where it was written "my all" instead of "all my" in an endgame segment.
  • Fixed a typo where the word "already" was repeated in the first Bonus segment.


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Sep 04, 2020

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