Version 1.2.2 patch notes

Hello fans of Birth ME Code! Patch 1.2.2 is finally out and I'm so eager to bring to you all of the quality of life updates I wanted to give this game for the longest time. Without further ado, let's go over the patch notes. This time, there's too much to list in here, so I'll leave some of it as a surprise.

Patch Notes


  • The entire game structure has been overhauled. The looks of the settings, save files menu, extras and even the flowchart have been updated.
  • The game now has Social Media icons on the main menu. Follow and/or join for information about upcoming games or updates to this one!

Visual novel

  • Every segment's code has been reworked to allow for smoother pacing based on the text speed that you've selected.
  • Every Deduction room has been modified in many ways.
  • Deduction rooms no longer have the UI in the way while exploring the room.
  • Some Deduction rooms have had their overall flow modified. It is now necessary to use items together to progress at some point. As this is not obvious sometimes, some text lines were added to point out that some objects might be better combined with another later.
  • Items now show their description near the mouse when hovered and can be clicked to combine together. If it's not a combination conductive to anything, the inventory will loop back to itself.
  • Deduction #4's final deduction has been completely overhauled and a second deduction has been added to stand in as the "actual" deduction you have to do in the room.
  • The ladder achievement has been made less automatic and now requires you to investigate very specific pieces in the relevant rooms.
  • Achievements related to finding all the flavor text in each Deduction room have been adjusted and are now easier to complete.
  • Hotspots now glow red instead of blue when you finish getting all their flavor text. This can be either for all flavor text, or all flavor text "during the stage of that Deduction room" (before acquiring something crucial to proceed, or after).
  • Some text in the game has been modified to be more flavorful or fit better given the circumstances.
  • When you reach an ending, a special message will play to let you know the tutorial has been unlocked.
  • Two other endings have had a special message added to let you know what you have to do at that point better, or to tell you about additional content being unlocked.


  • The entire flowchart's UI has been overhauled. Buttons have been condensed together.
  • A tutorial has been added to better illustrate how the flowchart works. It should light up after you go through an ending. If it's not lit up after the save file conversion of this patch, go through any ending.
  • Segments on the flowchart now show the name of the segment if you hover over them.
  • TRUST values on the flowchart now show the name of the related character if you hover over them.
  • The flowchart can now be zoomed in or out.
  • Bonus segments are now on the flowchart.
  • The bonus content that previously had Patreon answers in them is temporarily gone. In its place, other character-specific bonus segments will appear in another short patch soon (in about a month or two).
  • Bonus segments for characters and the second bonus segments are visually present but will remain locked until their corresponding patch.


  • You can now adjust game text speed in the settings.
  • You can now select to skip only read text or all text.

Save files

  • Save files now sort their data completely differently than before, which allows for multiple global save files named Viewpoints. The difference in data sorting will hopefully deal with a save file issue that prevents the game from launching without manually fixing the file.
  • Viewpoints now have an indication on them to show your overall story progress. A hexagon of the corresponding character color will show up as you find their NAME segments, and by finishing the story, the overall shape turns cyan (red when highlighted). If you finish all the secret solutions, a Cool S gets added on top too.
  • When you reach an ending, each separate file will be cyan (red when selected) to better illustrate that file is at an ending.
  • Each save file now has its own little deletion icon. No more uncertainty on what you delete, and the icons for deleting Viewpoints are clearly outlined.


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