Version 1.2.3 patch notes

Hello to all Birth ME Code fans! You may consider this patch the second half of patch 1.2.2. As such, there isn't a lot that was added or changed, but here are the patch notes anyway:

Patch notes

Visual novel

  • Character-specific bonus segments were added  for all your post-game save files. You don't have to do anything special to unlock them; they are accessible as soon as you see the True Ending splash image at the end of your game file.

Note that all of these character-centric bonus segments focus on each of the main cast, as they are asked questions that were submitted on Patreon. Thanks to all our patrons, you have made this game even more worth making!

For the future, there remains one major patch for the game, which will contain the final plot-centric bonus segment along with (hopefully) a quality overhaul for the visual novel segments. My apologies over the time it's taking to make it. It's a very difficult endeavor given the amount of text and events there are in the game, and I'm juggling development with Decide 4 God too.

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