Version 1.1.0 patch notes

New content:

  • The first bonus segment has been added. It can be accessed from the main menu after the main story has been completed.

General fixes:

  • Added an indication for the current game build on the main menu in the bottom left.
  • Changed the copyright to reflect the real one, as the title of the game is technically "Birth ME Code" even if it is part of the Abime Series.
  • General sprucing up of the code in some places to make it more concise.
  • The game now has cloud saving which hopefully will fix a saving issue wherein a crash would delete your global save file and prevent you from progressing normally.
  • The game will now allow window sizes beyond 1920x1080 for full screen. Windowed only has the 4 previous resolutions just like before.
  • Being on a format other than 16:9 will give some black bars when full screen but it should adjust accordingly now.
  • Added a disclaimer when the game launches.
  • At a certain point, a choice on the flowchart had switched its TRUST values by mistake which is now fixed.

Visual novel fixes:

  • Many typos were fixed and some sentences were modified to better convey what they mean.
  • TRUST values are now drawn over the inventory in Deduction Rooms as they should be.
  • Names will now be colored properly for certain characters.
  • A few sprites were modified to better reflect what that character's appearance should be like.


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Jun 22, 2020

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