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April 22, 2022

That's when Simon Fournier's exams were over. Finally, he could go home and celebrate. No more university, no more studying, no more exams. But then he woke up and he wasn't home. He woke up in the company of both friends and strangers somewhere he does not recognize... with no memories of how he got there.

We're in one of the installations of the MTS, right?

Now, he has to figure out how to leave this place but the subway won't make it easy for him. It's made even worse once he realizes he could be gambling with his life while playing a dangerous game known only as the "Dating Game", introduced by a strange robed guy wearing a hellish mask. No, it's not a joke. It's real.

The Montreal Transport Society. Let's keep it to the simplest terms.

When you're given one goal, things seem simple but nothing is ever so easy. Multiple questions surface. Why is this in the metro? Who is the madman with a mask? Who really are the other participants? What is the Dating Game?

Let's do that, then. Who will make the sacrifice?

The full version contains the following:

  • Close to twenty endings based on your choices
  • A story that will surprise even fans of Zero Escape
  • Around 12 to 16 hours of game time
  • Nine puzzles to solve or skip with the devlog guide

The game is intended for Windows only. With the purchase, you may download the game's installer or the game as a single executable. If you would like to try it out, there is a  Demo Version.

Be aware this is the first entry in the Abime Series. The second entry is Birth ME Code. This game is currently being remastered with new art, sound effects and a lot more (and better) writing! Buying this version of the game will give you the remaster for free when it comes out, so long as you purchased it before December 2020.

Use your head - Crack the code

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Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $14.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Head AS Code (installer).exe 97 MB
Head AS Code.exe 94 MB

Development log


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If I have already played Birth ME code, will any of the plot points in this game be spoiled? I know they are in the same universe, but is one designed to be a prequel/sequel to the other?

Both games technically spoil each other, and also technically don't spoil each other. I would say Birth ME Code to Head AS Code is simply a different experience than Head AS Code to Birth ME Code. Different things will be suspicious, different characters may be interesting, and some twists from BMEC will be more relevant if you played HASC while other twists from HASC will be more relevant if you played BMEC.

Just finished the game.  Is there a place to discuss it, or ask questions?


Yes, in fact, there is the official ABiMe series Discord here: https://discord.gg/DMedkbD

I purchased and downloaded the full game, but it loads the demo scenes whenever I click "start game."

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I'll be taking a look into it momentarily then get back to you. Have you played the demo yet? Edit: I checked a few times and the transition should be seamless. If you hadn't played the demo yet, it's part of the full game anyway; it's just the very first parts of the game.

Yes, I just played through the demo and the game started for real. Thanks!

Will this game be releasing on Steam?

I will attempt to bring it to Steam as early as possible and I'll also be looking into a way to grant those who purchased it before then access to it when it comes out on Steam, but it won't be until at least one more month has elapsed.

The comment above hasn't aged very well, but I do still intent on bringing the game to Steam at some point. It will most likely be around the time when I'll be releasing Birth ME Code on Steam too, which is the second entry in the series.