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This is the first entry in the Abime Series. The second entry is Birth ME Code.

It is April 22, 2022 and Simon Fournier woke up in a strange location. Surrounded by friends, strangers and foes, he has to play the dangerous game introduced only as the Dating Game. It's not a joke; it's real and it's dangerous. If they failed, they would die.

It is a merciless environment where tensions rise and where no one is safe. Any suspicions could get you killed. Everyone's questions quickly multiplied. Who is Smiley? Who really are the other participants? Is Smiley among them? What is the real purpose of the Dating Game?

Key features:

  • A surprising story full of twists! Head AS Code is a story with plenty of twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat. Every one of Head AS Code's 19 endings contains thrills, chills and kills.
  • Many riveting choices! No need for saves when the game autosaves for you. Every choice has its own weight. And if you don't like where you're going, there's always...
  • An ever-expanding flowchart! You can access it after your first ending. Use it to jump to any point you already read! The game autosaves, but there's global, visible progress.
  • Numerous interactive sections! Active Searches were designed to give YOU control over which interactions you'd like to read. Talk to someone, investigate an object or skip the optional searches if you'd like.

The game is intended for Windows only.

Use your head - Crack the code

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Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

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Is it true that this is available as a free update to owners of the original version, or am I misremembering?  For some reason I thought I saw that posted somewhere,  but now I can't find any information about it.

If not, that's fine! I look forward to seeing what this version has in store either way.


That was a limited time offer in the end because I couldn't have the sale run forever, but I may be able to provide a key for the full game after I verify a few things to ensure you own the original and your purchase was within the time limit for the offer, if you weren't able to claim it in that month.

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Excellent, I appreciate you working with me on this!

I've contacted you on Discord.