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April 22, 2022...

Simon is a simple, normal, every day pizza deliveryman who lives in the city of Montreal in Quebec, Canada. Everything in his life is as normal as it comes until he wakes up somewhere he does not recognize, having little memories of what previously happened to lead him there.

Welcome aboard and thank you for your patronage.

Now in the company of both friends and strangers, he has to figure out a way to leave, but the subway in which he ended up will not make it easy for him. It's made even worse once he realizes he could be gambling with his life while playing a dangerous game known only as the "Dating Game".

End of the line. Please leave the train and have a nice day.

Some things don't add up. Everything is strange. There's something weird happening. Are things as simple as they seem? Why is this in the metro? Who is the madman with a mask? Who really are the other participants? What is the Dating Game?

Thank you for choosing the MTS for all your needs of transportation.

The full version contains the following:

  • Close to twenty endings based on your choices
  • A total of 71 chapters of varying lengths
  • Nine puzzles to solve along the way
  • Sprite art and background art made by Miracle Moon
  • Handpicked OST from Kevin MacLeod's royalty-free library
  • Almost everything handled by EdgeVN scripts (made in GameMaker)

Game is intended for Windows only. Once purchase is done, you may download the installer, a single executable or a zip file, whichever you prefer. If you would like the free demo, visit this link: Demo Version

Please be aware this is the first entry in the Abime Series. The second entry is Birth ME Code. This pair of games is designed to be played in any order you like, but the third game (hitherto unannounced) should be played last, after the both of them.

Use your head - Crack the code

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Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $14.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Head AS Code (installer).exe 97 MB
Head AS Code.exe 94 MB
Head AS Code.rar 94 MB

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I purchased and downloaded the full game, but it loads the demo scenes whenever I click "start game."

(2 edits)

I'll be taking a look into it momentarily then get back to you. Have you played the demo yet? Edit: I checked a few times and the transition should be seamless. If you hadn't played the demo yet, it's part of the full game anyway; it's just the very first parts of the game.

Yes, I just played through the demo and the game started for real. Thanks!

Will this game be releasing on Steam?

I will attempt to bring it to Steam as early as possible and I'll also be looking into a way to grant those who purchased it before then access to it when it comes out on Steam, but it won't be until at least one more month has elapsed.

The comment above hasn't aged very well, but I do still intent on bringing the game to Steam at some point. It will most likely be around the time when I'll be releasing Birth ME Code on Steam too, which is the second entry in the series.