Head AS Code has launched!

That's it, that's the post. Head AS Code has launched! It's been a wild ride, remaking this game in a format much better than the original. Version 1.0.0 contains the entire game, rewritten, redone from the grounds up with new sprites, new backgrounds, new CGs, new music - new everything. Please enjoy it!

Those who purchased the original version may claim this new version for free, along with a Steam key for one month. If you purchase this version, you can also claim the original version for free if you were really curious about what it was like before, but beware, because there is no support for that version anymore.

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I purchased the original (itch.io says it was 263 days ago, so definitely eligible for the upgrade), but it's still asking me to pay 1.19 for the new version. Is this normal or am I missing something in order to get it for free?

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If you want the game for free and don't care for the Steam key, I can sort you out. Otherwise, I'm afraid itch.io doesn't give access to Steam keys for free purchases (either from a 100% sale or from an itch.io key being given). That was a thing I did not know and I wish I had a better workaround.

And not only that, but I can't make the sale be the cheapest possible (99% off for 20 cents) because minimum purchase price for a sale is 100 cents (and 95% off gives 99 cents).

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I just read the message with the offer actually, thank you for the reply. I'm fully willing to pay the 1.19, I just thought I was doing something wrong lol. Thanks for the great game!

EDIT: Actually I have another question, this is a stretch but is it possible to transfer a save from the original to the remake? I highly doubt it but I figured I'd give it a shot and ask.