Version 1.0.2 patch notes (Read this before updating!)

Patch notes for version 1.0.2

Below are the patch notes for this update. It is a fairly medium update with a decent amount of changes. Notably, if you download this version and you already had a save file for 1.0.1 or 1.0.0, your save file will be deleted! The way the game handled certain variables has been modified and it required a complete wipe of the files. There should be no need for any save file to be deleted afterwards so this is now safe. Please note that the full version of the game will do the same as the previous files are not compatible with the new code.

  • Certain UI elements have changed during the Deduction segment
  • Slight alterations were made to the text during the Deduction segment
  • A small change was made to give two keycards instead of one
  • You can now use the mouse wheel to open and close the logs
  • Sounds will play when you set your options
  • Various minor bugs have been fixed


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Aug 02, 2019

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